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Accelerated Programs for Adults


Core Values

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This program has been serving adult learners in the community since 1995 and it is backed by over 125 years of academic excellence.

The foundation of the ACCEL Program is built on these core values:

Innovative Instruction: Employ creative teaching methods that enhance learning for non-traditional learners.

Learner-Centered: Focus on the highest level of academic programming to meet the educational needs of the non-traditional learner.

Partnerships: Form collaborative alliances with the community, students and faculty for continuous program development and improvement.

Responsiveness: Respond swiftly and conscientiously to the academic needs of the students and the community.

Professionalism: Promote a culture that utilizes best practices in business and customer relations.

The Adult College Curriculum for Education and Leadership (ACCEL) Program proudly supports the mission of the University by offering intensive academic programs that are centered on non-traditional learners and delivered through innovative instruction.