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Bachelor of Arts in Integrative Studies

The BA in Integrative Studies (BAIS) degree offers St. Ambrose students the opportunity to design their own liberal arts-based degree program in order to broaden or deepen their studies beyond the traditional framework of discipline-specific programs.

The BAIS is designed to primarily meet the needs of non-traditional students, mobile adults with diverse backgrounds who have earned college credits at one or more institutions of higher learning, and who seek to complete a college degree by focusing on their individual interests, needs, and goals. In short, the BA in Integrative Studies degree is flexible, offering students the opportunity to individualize a curriculum while meeting designated standards and academic requirements. No major is required, but students may earn credits concentrated in one or more majors or minors by fulfilling BAIS requirements.   

Delivery Formats: Traditional or Accelerated (seated, hybrid, and online)

The BAIS degree can be earned through accelerated coursework (8-week, evening, weekend, hybrid, and online), designed for the convenience of working adults.

Because all courses needed to complete the BAIS may not be available in an accelerated course format, students may need to take some courses offered in a more traditional format.