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Accelerated Programs for Adults


Certificate Program

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  • Certificate I - Analytical Business: This certificate is the first in the series and consists of 30 credits of undergraduate general education and basic business courses. This certificate gives the student a sound beginning to a business education.
  • Certificate II - Business Management: Certificate II consists of 24 undergraduate credits that allows the student to delve deeper into the management aspect of business, focusing on both the managerial and organizational aspects of business. Satisfactory completion of Certificate I is a prerequisite for Certificate II.
  • Certificate III - Organizational Leadership: Certificate III consists of 18 undergraduate credits and allows for a deeper study into leadership within the organization. Students focus on leadership theories, organizational communications, strategic management and policy, as well as some of the more social aspects of leadership. Satisfactory completion of Certificate II is a prerequisite for Certificate III.

In compliance with US Department of Education guidelines, gainful employment information for the above certificate programs can be accessed online by clicking on this link.

Upon completion of your individual certificate, please contact your ACCEL academic advisor: Laurie Harrison or Jen Aplington.



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