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Official Change of Enrollment

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Complete the Official Change of Enrollment Status Form

Some important changes have happened regarding financial aid procedures and awards. We require you to fill out an Official Change of Enrollment Status Form along with the drop form. Also please notify the financial aid office if you plan to drop or add a course during the semester. A change in your enrollment status could have implications on your financial aid. Students must maintain 6 credits per semester to be eligible for student loans.

It is important to note that dropping courses throughout a semester without picking up additional credit hours to replace those dropped could leave you with a satisfactory progress issue (SAP). Having an SAP affects the amount of aid you receive in subsequent academic semesters.

Your GPA can also affect your aid eligibility. You must maintain an appropriate GPA for the number of credit hours you've completed. Students will be notified at the end of the fall and spring terms if there is a potential GPA problem.

Always be sure to read your St. Ambrose email for updates or changes to financial aid policies and procedures and when in doubt, contact the Financial Aid Office at 563-333-6314 or Greg Geistkemper with questions.