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Bios from other presenters will be added as they become available.



Angela Gingerich

Gingerich currently is a Program Manager at King House. She has been involved in the helping professions for 12 years, motherhood for 14.  Interest in social justice have driven her to pursue studies in Nursing, Psychology, and Education. To better serve others and her field she has attained certifications in addictions counseling, co-occurring counseling, and tobacco treatment. 


Lakota Harden

Lakota Harden (Minnecoujou/Yankton Lakota and HoChunk) is an orator, activist, community organizer, workshop facilitator, radio host and poet. She first became an accomplished speaker as a youth and representative of the early American Indian Movement's "We Will Remember" Survival School on the Pine Ridge reservation, established out of the 1973 Wounded Knee occupation. She has continued her activism over the years, working with the International Indian Treaty Council (IITC), Women of All Red Nations (WARN) and the Black Hills Alliance. 

Harden's recent activism spans a range of efforts - she was part of South Dakota's Indigenous Women's Network (IWN): Lakota Traditional Birthing Project, focusing on women's health, traditional cultural teachings and women's empowerment. She worked with OYATE, a Native organization working to see that the lives and histories of Native peoples are portrayed honestly through books. 

Harden served as Project Coordinator of Mercury Health Education with the International Indian Treaty Council, educating people, especially pregnant and nursing mothers, of the dangers to the unborn and young children posed by mercury left from abandoned gold mines. She helps organize the yearly "Indigenous People's Day Sunrise Gathering" on Alcatraz Island, honoring those who participated in the original occupation in the late 60s, and addressing current Indigenous issues. 

Harden is recipient of the Brave Hearted Woman 2003 Award presented at the Mills College Brave Hearted Woman Conference and the 2004 Sisters of Fire Award presented by the Women of Color Resource Center to leading women-of-color activists and artists for their outstanding commitments to social justice.