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President's Office

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Joan Lescinski, CSJ, PhD, has been the president of St. Ambrose University since 2007. She is the 13th president of St. Ambrose.

As St. Ambrose’s leader, Sister Joan is committed to the success of the university, and its faculty, staff and students. A long history of working with private, Catholic institutions has allowed her to work with campus constituencies to enhance the Catholic intellectual tradition at the university.

Student Eats-and-greets

Students always enjoy a meal and sociability, so "I enjoy inviting students to my home. This is a marvelous experience for me. Every month, when students join me for dinner, I get to pick their brains and get to know them in a casual setting," Sister Joan says.


A teaching president

A specialist in the 19th-century British novel, the president and professor of English has always enjoyed relating to students in the classroom. In fall 2013, she will teach an ACCEL course on poetry.

Her approach to teaching reflects many of the same guiding principles and values embodied by St. Ambrose. By encouraging her students to examine the text openly and to discuss it in an inclusive setting, she is showing them, in a personal way, how to be Ambrosian.