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International Accounting and Modern Languages

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International accounting is one of the brightest fields in business.

Demand for international accountants, already high, is expected to continue growing as U.S. firms do more and more business outside the nation.

Furthermore, most firms, especially private industry firms, prefer that their accountants are proficient in a foreign language. Accounting graduates who are proficient in a foreign language have an advantage over those who are not.

At St. Ambrose, one of the requirements of this degree is a foreign language component, so you'll be ready to take on the world!

What the College of Business offers you

Since the founding of St. Ambrose in 1882 – which included the founding of a seminary and the School of Commerce – we have been educating professionals in all aspects of business for more than 130 years!

As a result, getting a degree at St. Ambrose means making connections with alumni in all stages of your career, from 'Captain of Industry' to those in their first, entry-level post.

As part of the College of Business, the Accounting program combines outstanding preparation and a network of alumni and business relationships spanning generations of professionals, giving you an edge in your quest for a challenging and rewarding career!