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Why Accounting at St. Ambrose?

Studying Accounting at St. Ambrose means getting taught by the best; all of our accounting professors have accounting experience in the business world. That gives you an edge on knowing the expectations of your employer.

Not only will you likely graduate in five years or less, you'll have the benefit of being a well-rounded communicator. Part of your undergraduate coursework will involve honing your written, verbal, and presentation skills – skills that employers and colleagues appreciate!

The language of business

Accounting is the language of business, and at SAU you will learn the complex U.S. and international accounting standards. Along the way, you'll have an advisor – who will be an accounting professor! – to help you with determining your courses and the order in which you take them.

A little more about your SAU education

Employers value those employees who receive a liberal arts education. In fact, 93 percent of employers agreed in a recent survey that a candidate's demonstrated ability to think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex problems is more important than their major.

SAU graduates agreed; in a recent survey of alums from the past 30 years, 91 percent said they were prepared to understand professional concepts related to their major.

Whats Next

Is a master's degree in your sights? Learn about the Master's of Accounting program at SAU.