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Art Education

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Students interested in teaching art may pursue K-6 or 7-12 art teaching licensure through this major, offered in cooperation with the Education department.

The program includes experience in a range of art studio areas, art history and arts education methods courses. Students apply for admission to The Practitioner Preparation (Teacher Education) Program and includes areas of study necessary to prepare competent and professional classroom teachers, and is approved by the Iowa Department of Education. Students who plan to teach in a state other than Iowa should consult the Education Department chair concerning certification requirements.

Field experiences are central to this major, and include arranged teaching in the area elementary grades and in public and private agencies, observation and participation in the area secondary schools, and extensive supervised student teaching.

Degree Requirements

Art Education Teaching concentration (K-12)

Students majoring in art and expecting to qualify for a license to teach art at the elementary or secondary level are required to take ART 208, 220, 330, 340, 342, and either 307 or 331.

Education course requirements

Entrance GPAs to Education Program and Student Teaching; cumulative GPA of 2.7; major GPA 3.0; Education coursework GPA 3.0; Education 205 or 207 (B or better), US History or American Government, SPED 310, EDUC 284, 300, 301; 140 hours of pre-student teaching field experiences at two different school sites plus EDUC 308, 309, 338, 430 (see above GPA requirements).