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Book Arts

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Book Arts is an excellent major for artists desiring a multi-media environment for their talents and who have a flair for diverse materials.

Printmaking, photography, fine paper, unusual and standard binding techniques, computer applications, drawing, painting and design all convene in the book. The idea of a book is not confined to its common commercial definition but can take many inventive forms. The book can emerge from the creative process as a graphic novel, a sculpture, an installation or any form at all. Students with book arts major are valued in all graphic arts fields of employment.

Click here to see examples of student work from the SAU Art Department. (Requires Flash plug-in.)

Degree Requirements

Requirements for a Book Arts major: ART 202, 205, 220, 232 or 233, 307 or 337, 360, and three additional credits of art history or studio elective with the option of taking ART 402. Art 307, 337 or 355 are highly recommended.

ART 202, 205, 220, 232 or 233, 307 or 337, and 360.