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Graphic Design

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Commercial applications of the visual arts attract students who major in graphic design. The graphic designer helps society clarify its messages. Students learn to speak in this visual language of type, color, image and text in an articulate and responsive manner. The fine art background of the core focuses and informs all design practice.

Graphic design at St. Ambrose is taught by professional designers. They teach students letter form and color choices, historical influences in the creation of original design products, and how to analyze the needs of their client and respond with personal image-making skills.

Click here to see examples of student work from the SAU Art Department. (Requires Flash plug-in.)

Degree Requirements

22 credits in addition to the general art requirements.
Requirements for a Graphic Design Major: ART 205, 208, 210, 310, 311, 410, plus six credits from the following: ART 232 or 233, 306, 403, 411, and three additional credits of art or art history, with the option of taking ART 401. Students must receive a B or above in ART 205.