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printmaking studio
Printmaking Studio

The Galvin Fine Arts Center houses the Art Department and student art facilities.

Our main drawing and painting studio is comprised of 1,600-square-feet of beautifully lit, open space for posed model and still life set-ups and is used for critiques and other art related activities. Galvin 139 is equipped with easels, drawings benches, portable tabourets, flat and vertical storage space and excellent ventilation.

Students who are enrolled in certain painting courses have 24-hour secure access at our off-campus "Black Lodge Studios," an individual studio space that may accommodate up to 12-14 students.

student in computer labThe computer lab (Galvin 140) includes Mac computers with up-to-date design software, Wacom tablets, scanners, color and black & white laser printers, and a large-format inkjet printer. Galvin 140 is the main lab for graphic design and digital photography classes.

The book arts/printmaking studio, Galvin 2, offers facilities for all traditional and non-traditional print techniques including letterpress, intaglio, lithography, screen-printing, relief, and non-toxic photo processes.

Galvin 2 includes the following equipment:

• One brand-new 34" x 60" Takach etching press
• One 28" x 48" Sturges etching press
• Rembrandt lithography press
• Griffin lithography press
• Two Chandler & Price letterpresses
• Vandercook 325 Letterpress
• Vacuum table for screen printing
• Two exposure units
• Polymer plate maker (essential for digitally-created imagery)
• 100 drawers of lead type and 20 drawers of wood type
• Nipping press
• Three book presses
• Multiple sewing frames

letters for letter pressThe newest addition to Galvin 2 is our papermaking studio, complete with a Hollander beater, paper press, and over a dozen moulds and deckles.

The Morrissey Gallery and the Catich Gallery in Galvin Fine Arts Center serve as exhibit spaces for students to present their artwork to the public. We also present the work of professional artists and other programs for the benefit of the campus and local communities.

The Figge Museum studios located in downtown Davenport also are used for SAU foundation and advanced courses. Students can visit the museum's collection, attend lectures, and participate in workshops for free!

The Quad Cities presents many opportunities for artists to explore their talents and connect with others in the community through several arts organizations and exhibit space potential.