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printmaking studio

Studio House

The Galvin Fine Arts Center houses the Art Department and student art facilities.

Our main drawing and painting studio is comprised of 1,600-square-feet of beautifully lit, open space for posed model and still life set-ups and is equipped with easels, drawings benches, portable tabourets, flat and vertical storage space and excellent ventilation. The big studio is also used for critiques and other art related activities. Art majors also have the availability of individual studios at the Studio House.

graphic design on macsThe graphic design computer lab in Galvin Fine Arts Center room 139 contains Macs and offers two scanners, a color laser printer and black and white laser printers. This is the main lab for digital photography as well. The lab has an overhead Elmo, Internet access and graphic design-specific software. Room 8 houses another Mac lab set aside for upper-level graphic design students.

There are other computer labs on campus for student academic work: lower Cosgrove (24-hour lab), Cosgrove Room 24,  Ambrose 413c, McMullen 101 and McMullen 102. Those labs contain PCs.

The photography darkroom is geared towards black and white photography, with enlargers supporting up to 16x20 prints. Besseler, Simmons-Omega and Nikon hardware plus washing units, drying screens and storage for students to hold their supplies make the photo facility flexible and functional.

type blocksThe printmaking studio offers facilities for intaglio, relief and lithographic printing. Fully-vented acid booth and solvent areas allow the completion of prints from start to finish in the same facility. We have two 24" x 28" Sturges etching presses: a starwheel and an electric, and a Rembrandt lithographic press. The studio is equipped with ink mixing tables, a graining table for litho stones and vertical and horizontal print drying facilities. A recent addition includes a polymer plate maker, allowing the user to interact with computer-based graphic design.

Students are given their own folder on the network that can be accessed with their secure user name and password. Documents and other projects can be stored in the folder and accessed from anywhere on campus.

The Morrissey Gallery and the Catich Gallery in Galvin Fine Arts Center serve as exhibit spaces for students to present their artwork to the public. We also present the work of professional artists and other programs for the benefit of the campus and local communities.

Students can also visit the Figge Art Museum's collection, attend lectures, and participate in workshops for free!

The Quad Cities presents many opportunities for artists to explore their talents and connect with others in the community through several arts organizations and exhibit space potential.