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For students interested in careers in studio arts, art-related professional occupations, or graduate studies, St. Ambrose's integrated, liberal arts approach to art making is highly valuable. The fine arts (Painting) major provides an environment that supports and challenges an individual's creative growth.

Oil painting, drawing, and other media become new expressive voices for the artist. Students learn to incorporate life experience into their investigation of the complex language of form and content. Technical and expressive competence develop simultaneously. 

Students are encouraged to develop their creative ambition in a personal and independent manner. The department's role is to extend and support the student's growth as an artist. The faculty strives to understand the nature of each student's creativity in order to guide them toward mature artistic statements.

Click here to see examples of student work from the SAU Art Department. (Requires Flash plug-in.)

Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Painting (27 credits)

Majors also must satisfy the general art requirements. (24 credits)

ART 310 Figure Drawing
+ART 340 Painting I
ART 350 Painting  II
WI-ART 410 Professional Practices
WI-ART 420 Painting III
ART 430 Painting IV

Three credits of 300-level art history.

Six additional credits of ART or DSGN.

Optional: ART 400 Senior Honors: Fine Arts.

WI = writing intensive
+ Satisfies a General Education requirement

Relationship With the Figge Art Museum

Students can visit the museum's collection, attend lectures, and participate in workshops for free! Figge Website

Whats Next

Grad School
Our Fine Arts grads have gone on to The College of Art at the University of Vermont, The University of Iowa, University of Minnesota, Boston University, Lesley University, Mt. Mary College and Marquette University in both studio art and art therapy.