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Submit a Portfolio

Digital submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis, but preference is given to those who submit before March 10.

Portfolio Requirements for a Scholarship

In order to adequately evaluate your portfolio for a financial award, the following must be included:

1. 10-12 original works of art/design work (high-resolution .jpg or .pdf) in a variety of media – 2D and 3D (if applicable) – that show the breadth of your technical and creative skills. These files can be submitted online or mailed on a CD/flash drive.
2. A list with the following information:

    • Name
    • Medium
    • Date created
    • Class project or independent work

Click here for additional tips on how to create an art portfolio.

Submit Your Portfolio

Portfolios can be submitted online, emailed to, or mailed to:

Terri Buesing-Flynn

St. Ambrose University

518 West Locust Street

Davenport, IA 52803

Schedule an appointment by contacting Terri Buesing-Flynn, 563/333-6001.