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Heidi Hernandez

Elementary Art Teacher

Southwest Elementary, Geneseo, Ill.

Art Blog:

oil paintingFeatured Work: Guthrie, oil on canvas

What did you value most about the Ambrose Art program?

The Professors. They set high expectations. The creative process is just as important as the product. Being in an uncomfortable place is good place to be for an artist - that is when a person can truly grow.

What were key things you learned in your time in the art department?

Try to make art everyday. Take time to look at art. Learning art history completely changes a person's perception of a famous work of art, there are stories and lives behind those paintings and sculptures. Teaching art brights the lives of students. Their artwork brightens the world.

Would you like to share a favorite memory from your time at Ambrose?

Late nights at the studio house were painstaking, stressful, and wonderfully liberating. My husband, Kris, would read to me as I painted and still does from time to time.

Why did you choose Ambrose over other schools?

Ambrose is a small and intimate university. The idea of knowing the professors and them knowing you and your work appealed to me.