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Jessica Barr

High school art and spanish teacher, Davenport

Studied abroad in Spain
Advice: The years go by fast so get involved!

jessica barr dorm room all rights reservedFeatured Work: Dorm Room, acrylic paint, 2012

What did you value most about the Ambrose Art program?

I most value the Ambrose Art instructors. The instructors each teach an area of expertise, such as drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, and computers in art. They're friendly and build relationships with the students. They also critique the students' artwork in a manner so that students understand why and how to make adjustments to their work. The students can then produce quality works of art of which they can be proud to say that they created while at St. Ambrose.

What were key things you learned in your time in the art department?

I learned that it is OK to draw over, erase, and re-draw something. It doesn't have to be perfect the first time, and lines can be erased! I learned to take a break from my art. Stop, look back at your work a while later, and then you may notice that the proportions or the perspective need to be adjusted. Be a critic of your own work.

Would you like to share a favorite memory from your time at Ambrose?

I had the opportunity to study abroad in Mérida, Mexico during my studies at Ambrose. I took a photography class and an environmental class at a university in Mérida, and I volunteered at a night English school and at an after school arts center for kids. There is nothing comparable to living in another country, and so if you have the opportunity, do it!

Why did you choose Ambrose over other schools?

I enjoy the environment and the community of St. Ambrose. The faculty and staff are willing to help the students, and the campus is small so you are more likely to see people you know on a daily basis and the teachers can better build strong relationships with the students. Also, it is never a long walk to class!

Do you have advice for future Ambrose students?

The years go by fast! Be involved. There are many clubs, great athletic programs, tutoring, and late-night games or yoga classes offered all the time! Don't be afraid to introduce yourself to someone. Everyone likes friends, and college is the time to make some great friends and great memories!