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Melissa McDonald

Girls playing with toys by Melissa McDonald

Graphic Designer

Sauk Valley Media, Sterling, Ill.

Major: Graphic Design
Featured Work: Photograph, The Innocence of Childhood

What did you value most about the Ambrose Art program?

Other than the feeling of family between the students and faculty, I loved that each faculty member cared (and I mean truly cared) about the students and their well-being. What I noticed about being at a bigger school is that many of the professors do not make time for their students and almost seem to not care sometimes at all. It was definitely a shock when I first got there and made me appreciate the art faculty at SAU.

What were key things you learned in your time in the art department?

Take pride in your work! Even if it is not the best design, you should still be able to stand back and say, "I worked my hardest on this project, and I am proud of that."

Why did you choose Ambrose over other schools?

It felt like home as soon as I visited during freshman orientation. Little did I know as a small, curious freshman that Ambrose would indeed become my home. Also, it is a family school. At least one member of my family for the last three generations has gone to SAU.

Do you have any advice for prospective students?

Take your time. I graduated a semester early and felt as though I missed out on many opportunities. Also, don't quit. I did that during my junior year a bit and I have never regretted anything more in my entire life. If you have a passion for design or art, you must put your entire soul into it.