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Why Art at St. Ambrose?

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Here's 10 Reasons Why


  1. Our curriculum prepares students for life-long involvement in the arts and the community.
  2. Our students are prepared to be a competent, creative, ethical, discerning, and productive member of the global art community.
  3. Our students make art that matters, and use their craft to comment on and contribute to our society.
  4. Our Art majors elect to study programs in art education, art history, book arts, graphic design or the fine arts
  5. Our liberal arts approach encourages students to develop their creative ambition in a personal and independent matter. 
  6. Students are taught by faculty who are dedicated to maximizing their undergraduate experience and potential. 
  7. We provide an environment for students to become committed artists, designers, and art historians.
  8. Students are provided opportunities for internships at museums, design firms, galleries and many others locations. Students also have many venues in which to exhibit their work, including the opportunity for senior thesis show. 
  9. Students graduate with a strong and original portfolio that stands out in the job market and graduate school.
  10. Finally, students get to join the ranks of St. Ambrose art majors who have done great things from coast to coast and Europe.