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Assistive Technology



Assistive Technology at St. Ambrose

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Because of the changing face of health care, persons with physical limitations spend less and less time in hospital rehabilitation settings. That means they must adapt to their limitations as quickly as possible, often in the home environment.

To help address this need, the St. Ambrose University Occupational Therapy Department offers assistive technology services and education to healthcare providers, students, teachers, and individuals.

The St. Ambrose Assistive Technology Lab is unique because we do things that haven't been done before. We manipulate and adapt everyday items and make them functional for people with disabilities of all types. We take “throw away” computers and turn them into environmental control units. We design and create our own adaptive equipment at a fraction of the cost of purchasing similar items off the shelf. We are then able to loan these items out to clients through our lending library.

This site is dedicated as a resource to the advancement of patients’ independence and safety using assistive technology, as well as the occupational therapist's advancement of knowledge and proficiency in the use of assistive technology.

We invite you to explore throughout this website to learn more about the exciting work happening at St. Ambrose University. Be sure to check out:

And definitely take a video tour of Jim’s Place, the assistive technology solutions demonstration house.