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Assistive Technology



Soldering Tips

“Soldering can either be a fast and easy experience, or a frustrating experience if you don’t understand some basic skills. This video will help start you out with good techniques that will greatly benefit you.”
— Jon Turnquist, MOL, OTR/L, ATP, Director, Assistive Technology Services and Lab, Occupational Therapy Department,  St. Ambrose University

Cautions and Warnings

  • Always use safety glasses
  • Use lead free solder
  • Never pass the soldering iron to another person; always place it back in the holder
  • Don't "talk" with your hands when holding on to the soldering iron
  • ONLY ADAPT BATTERY POWERED EQUIPMENT (working with line voltage i.e. 110Volts AC is extremely dangerous to you and your clients)

Disclaimer of liability

With respect to the information provided in this video, neither St. Ambrose University nor Jon Turnquist, make any warranty, expressed or implied, and will not assume any legal liability, or responsibility for the use or misuse of the information provided. Please use this information wisely and carefully.