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Assistive Technology



Mission, Vision and Goals


The mission of Jim’s Place is to provide a community service, and be a professional resource for state-of-the-art training, as well as to enrich lives using assistive technology solutions.

The vision for Jim’s Place is to be committed to occupational justice and service as a regional and national resource in assistive technology solutions for therapists, organizations and individuals, and to provide knowledge, services and opportunities that assist in enhancing the quality of lives through assistive technology.

The goals of Jim’s Place are:

  • to enhance the occupational therapy students’ proficiency with utilizing assistive technology solutions
  • to provide a richer skill set utilizing assistive technology as well as expanding students’ clinical reasoning repertoire in enhancing client care decision-making
  • to provide assistive technology services and education for professionals as well as individuals in the community
  • to enhance safety, functioning, and participation of clients and to decrease the dependency on their caregivers
  • to promote occupational therapy