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Assistive Technology



Types of Assistive Technology


St. Ambrose is proud to have a practical assistive technology program. Without a large budget, Occupational Therapy students and faculty have been able to supply the community with long-term loans of equipment ranging from simple adapted toys to tilt boxes to environment controls. If a patient is to stick with a piece of technology it should address their specific needs and not just what is available. Also, this can be much less expensive. The total amount of material in our environmental control units costs less than $500. Some toys can be adapted with less than $2 worth of materials.

Assistive technology is not always apparent: a small vice grip pliers mounted on a board (for stability), can help a person with diabetes open his acu-check strips. The point is, it is not just the high tech that is the most important, but how any device can be used to assist a patient.

Commercial and custom-made assistive technology can help with: