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Assistive Technology



Daily Living and Self-Care


Daily living and self-care types of assistive technology can include:

  • Self help aids for use in activities such as eating, bathing, cooking, dressing, toileting, home maintenance, etc. A clear plate which sits on a custom made platform assists a person with low vision. The plate is illuminated from below to help this individual locate her food on the plate so she can feed herself independently.
  • Prosthetics: Myoelectric prosthetics to assist with cognitive limitations or deficits, including audio tapes, digital recorders, electronic memos, and pagers that function as prompts or reminders. 
  • Vehicle Modifications: Adaptive driving aids, low-strength power assists, hand controls, micro-switches, wheelchair and other lifts, modified vans, or other motor vehicles used for personal transportation.
  • Adapted Switches: Switches can be adapted for a wide variety of modalities. St. Ambrose students learn to make gross motor switches for toys. Some of these toys are then donated to various charities, not only locally, but to other countries as well.
  • Safety alarms and devices for fall prevention.
  • Toys and recreation modification.
  • Environmental Control Unit (ECU) Systems: Devices that enable someone with limited coordination or mobility to control various appliances, i.e. telephone, TV, VCR, lights, and fans in their room, home or other surroundings.