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Assistive Technology



Mobility and Body Positioning


Mobility and body positioning types of assistive technology can include:

  • Home/Worksite Modifications: Adaptations in the home, worksite or other areas (ramps, home elevators, wheelchair accessible showers) that remove or reduce physical barriers for an individual with a disability. Simply removing throw rugs is a good start to any individual with limited mobility.
  • Prosthetics and Orthotics: Myoelectric prosthetics or other orthotic aids (splints, braces, etc.).
  • Seating and Positioning: Accommodations to a wheelchair or other seating systems to provide greater body stability, trunk/head support and an upright posture, to increase functioning. Mobile arm supports to assist with arm movements by assisting with weak muscles. High tech inserts and cushions that assist in reducing pressure on the skin's surface.
  • Wheelchairs/Mobility Aids: Manual and electric wheelchairs, addable inputs such as sip and puff controllers, head switches and programmable controllers that can filter out tremors or ataxic movements with joystick controllers.