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Pre-Pharmacy Curriculum with a Biology Major

Where are SAU pre-pharmacy biology graduates today?

Over the past five years, SAU graduates have been accepted to pharmacy programs at the following schools: University of Iowa.

What courses should I take?

The requirements for pharmacy school provide a background in the numerous facets of the pharmacy career, including courses in biology, chemistry, economics, and communication. Development of these skills prepares you to dispense medication to patients and provide counsel to patients about proper drug use.

Although the exact course requirements differ for each program, many pharmacy programs require the following courses for admission:

• One year General Biology + lab (BIOL 199, 200)
• One year General Chemistry + lab (CHEM 105, 106)
• One year Organic Chemistry + lab (CHEM 207, 208, 209, 210)
• One year Human Anatomy & Physiology (BIOL 230, 232)
• Physics + lab (PHYS 203)
• Calculus (MATH 191)
• Microbiology (BIOL 251)
• Statistics (STAT 213)
• English Composition (ENGL 101)
• Public Speaking (COMM 129)

Individual pharmacy programs may have additional requirements, including Social Sciences, Humanities, and/or Economics.

The entrance exam for pharmacy school is the PCAT (Pharmacy College Admission Test). A minimum of two years of college study are required before entry to a pharmacy program, although it typically take students three years to complete the necessary pre-requisite courses for admission.

You should plan to take the PCAT during the summer before your last year of pre-requisite coursework. Additional courses that are beneficial to complete prior to taking the PCAT are:

• Biochemistry + lab (CHEM 319)
• Genetics (BIOL 303)