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Why Biology at St. Ambrose?

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Here are 10 reasons:

1. St. Ambrose has one of several university cadaver labs in Iowa. The use of human cadavers is a valuable experience and contributes to one of the reasons health sciences students choose to study at St. Ambrose.

2. Discover your potential via hands-on, inquiry-based learning opportunities.

3. Be challenged and supported by faculty who value a full liberal arts experience for science students, and know your name.

4. Realize growth and fulfillment as an analytical thinker and creative scholar.

5. Investigate the depth and breadth of "the study of life" through concentrations in Biomedical Science, Environmental Biology, Molecular Biology or Secondary Education.

6. Participate in a vigorous and stimulating research program your first year, as well as upper level independent research experiences.

7. Cash in on National Science Foundation scholarships for science majors, and/or earn $ as a lab prep worker.

8. Explore opportunities for career building internships.

9. Qualify for membership in Beta, Beta, Beta, the national honorary biology fraternity, and Sigma Xi, the International Resarch Society.

10. Just ask our recent grads: "Being a Biology major opens a lot of doors."