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Why Chemistry at St. Ambrose?

What makes the Chemistry Program at St. Ambrose the right one for you?

Consider what you will get at SAU ...

Quality Instructors

No graduate teaching assistants or bachelor's level instructors in your chemistry classrooms or labs. Instead, you will be taught by a group of faculty dedicated to maximizing your undergraduate experience and potential. All have Ph.D. degrees and many years of teaching experience.

An Emphasis on Education

At larger institutions of higher learning, the faculty focus is on research - but at SAU, our focus is on you and your education.

Our goal as SAU Chemistry Department faculty is to educate our majors to be sufficiently knowledgeable and adaptable to compete successfully in graduate studies in areas such as chemistry, criminalistics or medicine; to assume appropriate responsibilities in industrial or forensics laboratories; or to teach competently at the secondary level.

As a result, you will receive an excellent foundation in chemistry. Class sizes are small, allowing for individual attention.

Did someone say 'ion chromatograph'?

Every chemistry major gets experience using state-of-the-art instrumentation found in research and industry.

These include atomic absorption, nuclear magnetic resonance, infrared and ultraviolet/visible spectrometers, gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer high performance liquid chromatograph, and ion chromatograph.. These are the main tools used in chemical/forensic/medical laboratories worldwide – and you will graduate with the instrumental skills needed for your job.

Choice of Career Path

With an SAU chemistry degree, you will have access to a great variety of excellent career opportunities in areas such as:

• commercial research and development
• quality control
• forensics
• agriculture
• environmental studies
• And many others!

A chemistry degree really is a stepping-stone to a variety of careers in the health sciences such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and physician assistant programs.

Hands-on Training

To assist your professional development, the department provides activities to explore career options within chemistry; hands-on experience with a wide variety of modern instrumentation for chemical analysis; and opportunities to participate in research, internships, and community service. 

Student Activities

You are not alone! Our majors get to know and work with fellow students outside of class through the student chapter of the American Chemical Society. The chapter participates in several volunteer projects and outreach activities such as National Chemistry Week events, as well as other social events within the department. Come join in the fun!