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Co-Curricular Activities

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students operating cameras in balcony of Lee Lohman

  • KALA Radio broadcasts 24 hours a day to the Quad Cities on 88.5 and 106.1 FM, featuring everything from blues to gospel to urban to rock. Under the direction of a Staff Advisor, students choose their own shows, program music, edit news specials, volunteer at community events, and broadcast live sporting events. 
  • SAUtv operates 24 hours a day with its own channel on the community's cable television system, presenting viewers with programming focused on education and technology. Students produce a weekly newscast, operate cameras, edit video on state-of-the-art equipment, broadcast live sporting events, and work as on-air talent. SAUtv YouTube Channel
  • The Buzz is St. Ambrose's student-run, bi-monthly newspaper. Students are responsible for deciding content, reporting and editing stories, layout, design, photography, and advertising.