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Doctor of Physical Therapy


Track I Application Procedures

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Watch this video for more details on the Track I application process.

Track I is exclusively for high school seniors planning to enroll at St. Ambrose University. Each year up to 15 high school seniors are granted placement in Track I positions conditionally reserving them a place in the DPT class that will commence with their senior year in college.

The application deadline for Track I is February 15, 2018 for seniors as of August 2017. For students who will start their senior year August 2018, your deadline is October 1, 2018.

Track I students follow a "3+2.5" plan of study (three years of undergraduate work plus two-and-one-half years in the DPT program). Students accepted into Track I apply the first year DPT courses toward completion of their SAU undergraduate degree, which must be awarded prior to beginning the second year of the DPT program. Acceptance as a Track I student is contingent upon completion of the Track I / Phase A prerequisites. The Track I student will be guaranteed admission into the DPT program if all Phase B requirements are met. Students who do not meet advancement criteria remain eligible to apply to the program through Track II or Track III.

Track 1/Phase A - High School Prerequisites

To apply for Track 1, high school seniors will need to:

  • Apply to the Track 1 program by the deadline of February 15. Click here for the application (.docx)
    Students who will be seniors as of August 2017, your deadline is Feb. 15. Starting with seniors for the start of August 2018, your deadline is Oct. 1, 2018.
  • Meet the entrance requirements of St. Ambrose University.
  • Have completed the equivalent of one year each of high school biology and chemistry (one year of high school physics is strongly recommended).
  • Attain a minimum of 3.5/4.0 unweighted high school GPA.
  • Score a minimum of 24 on the ACT or 1160 on the SAT.
  • Have completed and provide documentation of at least 20 hours of observation with a licensed physical therapist (.docx) in one or more physical therapy settings.
  • Complete an acceptable on-site personal interview with DPT faculty members. Due to the competitiveness of the program, not all applicants will be invited for an interview. Decisions on interviews will be based on a review of the completed application.

Track 1/Phase B - College Requirements

Track 1 students are required to meet the following criteria in order to advance into the DPT program during their senior year. These students will need to:

  • Complete all bachelor's degree requirements in their major other than those to be completed in the first year of the DPT program
  • Complete all prerequisite courses with a grade of "C" or above prior to entering the DPT program. (Students in Track I who will not complete the prerequisites by the spring admissions deadline must provide a detailed written plan of study for completion of the remaining courses prior to final admission into the DPT program).
  • Submit a plan of study (.docx) detailing how an undergraduate degree will be earned prior to the beginning of the second year of the DPT program.
  • Earn and maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.30/4.00 and a prerequisite grade point average of at least 3.30/4.00 by the end of their fourth semester at St. Ambrose.
  • Complete a Track IB application form provided by the Physical Therapy Department.
  • Complete the GRE, with a combined score of 295 or higher on the verbal and quantitative sections. Use GRE institution code 6617 and department code 0619.
  • Document on forms provided (.docx) at least 50 hours of observation with a licensed physical therapist in two or more settings (may include the 20 hours completed for Phase A), to include inpatient and outpatient hours.
  • Submit official transcripts from all undergraduate institutions attended.
  • Provide two favorable references (.docx) to the Physical Therapy Department directly from the reference.
  • Complete an acceptable on-site personal interview with DPT faculty members.