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Doctor of Physical Therapy


Clinical Education

The clinical education program consists of seven clinical experiences integrated into the academic curriculum.

Students are required to do two short experiences (one in acute care and one with a generalist Clinical Instructor) during the first year. Second-year students may choose the practice setting for the two short experiences in the second year.

For the three final internships, students are required to experience three major practice settings (acute care, outpatient musculoskeletal, and neurological rehabilitation). These seven experiences are intended to prepare our students as entry-level practitioners capable of working in any practice setting.

  • DPT 580: two-week clinical in the inpatient care
  • DPT 582: three-week clinical with a Generalist CI
  • DPT 680: two-week clinical in student's choice of practice area
  • DPT 780: two-week clinical in student's choice of practice area
  • DPT 781: eight-week internship
  • DPT 782: eight-week internship
  • DPT 784: ten-week internship

For more information on clinical education, please contact Lynn M. Frank PT, MPT, ACCE, assistant professor, at 563/333-6407 or or Kristin Ryan, PT, DPT, CLT, clinical assistant professor, at 563/333-5890 or