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Doctor of Physical Therapy


Criminal Background Check

Criminal Background Check and Abuse Checks

Students accepted into the professional program receive information about the criminal background check process during orientation (May prior to fall semester).

During orientation students complete consent forms for running the background check of the past seven years; these are completed by a professional vendor contracted with the University. Students are responsible for one inclusive cost. Should a clinical site require a background check more recent than the first fall semester, the cost of rerunning the background check is covered by the initial student payment.

Several clinical education sites require an FBI fingerprinting and background check or a specific state background check. These would be initiated when the student is confirmed for a clinical education experience. In some cases the clinical site covers the cost; in other cases the student is responsible for the cost.

The Criminal Background Check Package for PT students includes:
1. Social Security Number validation
2. 7- year County Criminal Records Search
3. Nationwide Database Search with Sex Offender Registry
4. Iowa Child and Adult Abuse Check
5. Healthcare Fraud & Abuse (FACIS III)
6. Residency History