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Doctor of Physical Therapy


Mid-Term Calls (Internships)

Midway through the eight- and ten-week internships, the CI and student will receive a call from the student's faculty advisor to check in on the status of the internship.

Students will come to their internship site with a prearranged mid-term call time chosen by their advisor (to work with their teaching schedule and other student calls). The student will ask the CI if the assigned time is workable or if it needs to be adjusted to be convenient for the CI. If the time needs to changed, the student is responsible for contacting their advisor and arranging a time agreeable to all.

Students are responsible for providing the information for the call (phone number with area code, CI's full name, confirmed date and time of the call) to the Clinical Education Office. Students and CIs need to check that time zone changes have been considered, and if the call is to be made over the lunch hour to provide a phone number which will be answered by a person.

The faculty advisor provides a summary of the call to the Clinical Education Office. ACCEs will follow up as may be appropriate. CIs are encouraged to contact the Clinical Education Office at any time if they have questions or concerns prior to or following the mid-term call