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Doctor of Physical Therapy


Orthopaedic Course Series Tuition

The below table shows the breakdown of tuition associated with the courses. All registration and payment for courses must be done through the Physical Therapy Department's online registration system. For those who need special accommodations or if you have questions about registration, contact our office at 563-333-6403.

Course NameContact Hours*CostSAU Alumni or
QCCCE Member
Remaining Cost after
Clinical Education
Voucher is applied
Manual Therapy I 12 $375 $350 $175
Manual Therapy II 20 $540 $515 $340
Manual Therapy III 20 $540 $515 $340
Manual Therapy IV 8 $215 $200 No Voucher Accepted
Radiology 18 $475 $450 $275

A limited number of Clinical Education Vouchers will be accepted for these courses. Efforts will be made to ensure that there is a distribution of clinical sites that are able to use vouchers. Multiple vouchers from the same site will not be accepted until other sites have had an opportunity to use their vouchers. An individual may only use one voucher per calendar year for the Orthopaedic Course Series.

*See Course Objectives for specific contact hours and requirements.


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