Business Economics

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    Student in class

    Using logic, theoretical reasoning, and common sense, the economists of the world analyze and provide perspective on the different choices people make, both in business and in their everyday lives.

    Business Economics majors at St. Ambrose are able to combine an education in liberal arts with economic theory to determine why people behave the way they do – and thereby address the many challenges such behavior produces in an increasingly global economy.

    Want to know more about a major in economics? Contact a faculty member today to discover why they went into the economics field.

    Our Graduates

    St. Ambrose graduates with Economics degrees have found rewarding positions in financial service companies, insurance firms, lending organizations, marketing and environmental agencies, and production and manufacturing companies.

    Many economics graduates have continued their education by pursuing higher degrees in economics or finance, and a number have gone to law school. They also currently work at Deere and Company, Caterpillar, Northwest Bank and Trust, and area professional basketball, baseball and hockey franchises.