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Program Admission

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The Teacher Education Program at St. Ambrose University includes areas of study necessary to prepare highly-qualified, professional classroom teachers and enables the student to receive an initial license to teach in Iowa agencies and schools.

The program is approved by the Iowa Department of Education. Through agreements with other states, graduates may apply for certification after receiving an Iowa license.

There is some planning involved before you apply, so follow the steps below.

Steps to Apply for Admission to the Teacher Education Program

Step One:

Complete these general education courses:
ENGL 101 Written Communications
PSYC 105 Introduction to Psychology
One American History course or one American Government course
One Biology and Non-biological Science (only ECE/Elem. majors)
COMM 110 Basic Human Communication

Step Two:

Enroll in EDUC 205 or EDUC 207. Prerequisites: Complete (or transfer) 12 credit hours. GPA must be at least 2.5.

Step Three:

While enrolled in either EDUC or EDUC 207, apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program.

NEW requirements for the cohort beginning in Fall 2016 will be available soon.

ACT score of 20.
Maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA).*
Maintain a 3.0 GPA in EDUC classes.*
Maintain a 3.0 GPA in major field (for secondary and K-12 education majors only).*
Pass Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators Exam. These minimum scores are required:  Reading: 156; Writing: 162; and Math: 150 .**
Complete 50 field hours in EDUC 205 or provide verification through EDUC 207.***
Receive an average rating of at least Developing (3) in the three separate dispositional areas on the professional rating form, as well as recommendation by both course instructor and cooperating teacher to continue on into the program.
Receive a grade of B or above in EDUC 205 or EDUC 207.
Submit a completed Application for Admission to Teacher Education Program form (including statement of fraud section and necessary signatures).

* If a student does not meet these criteria, a panel (Director of School of Education, Assistant Director of School of Education, and Director of Student Teaching) will review the student's application to see if a conditional admit is appropriate. This option only is available during 2015-2016.
** Students are required to pass PRAXIS Core. Tests taken more than five years prior to submission of a completed TEP application will need to be retaken.
*** The Teacher Education Program has established a five year limit for accepting field hours. Field hours completed more than five years prior to submission of a completed TEP application will need to be repeated.

NOTE: Admission to the St. Ambrose University Teacher Education Program does not guarantee a state authorized teaching license.