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Berendes, Theresa


Blumer, Kathy

Assistant teacher in the Dragonflies room.

Brownson, Debra

Director, Children's Campus

Ekblad, Lindsey

Lead teacher at the Children's Campus in the Honeybee room.

Fetterer, Lindsey

Office Support Assistant for the Children's Campus

Harrison, Mahi

Lead teacher in the Leapfrog room.

Kilburg, Lori

Lead Teacher in the Dragonflies room.

Lubben, Lynn

Lead teacher in the Ladybug room.

Majeske, Elizabeth

Assistant pre-school teacher in the Bluebird room

Miller, Cathie

Assistant teacher in the Ladybug room at the Children's Campus.

Paxton, Lisa

Assistant pre-school Teacher in the Honeybees

Teague, Ruthie


Wildermuth, Abbey

Teacher at the SAU Children's Campus