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Spring Bi-Annual Report

Kids gathered by bag
The children practice dexterity and learn simple biology by doing some gardening.

Thank you for reading this bi-annual report for August 2012 through December 2012. Achievements are organized by month.

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August 2012

  • Andromahi Harrison published "Babies Grow a Long Time: A Preschool Project About Babies."  See the children's learning and Mahi's work
  • Dr. Sallee Beneke, Dr. Lilian Katz and Deb Brownson hosted a three day summer institute: "Projects in Practice: Inquiry in Action." The institute was held on campus and participants completed a three-phase project. Topics of interest were: New construction; VanderVeer Park; the Chapel; and Sodexo food service. Participants also spent time touring and learning at the Children's Campus.
  • We hosted our annual picnic at McManus Park in Bettendorf on August 10. Over 200 families, staff and children attended. We said good-bye to the children entering kindergarten and met new families joining us for the fall. Hy-Vee donated the hot dogs, and each family brought a dish to pass. There was a lot of running and playing and talking and laughing!
  • Deb Brownson received a Certification of Completion from the Quad-Cities Professional Development Network as a Professional Supervisor. The network is comprised of Black Hawk College, Eastern Iowa Community Colleges, Palmer College of Chiropractic, St. Ambrose University, Trinity College of Nursing and Health Sciences and Western Illinois University-Quad Cities. Courses included: Coaching Performance, Effective Conflict Management, Engaging Your Team Members, and Managing Change. 
  • The Children's Campus received their renewed accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children.


September 2012

  • In September we received a call from STARNET of Illinois. The mission of STARNET Illinois is to provide a variety of opportunities for personal and professional growth for those who touch the lives of young children, ages birth through 8-years-old, with an emphasis on children with special needs. STARNET supports family-centered, researched and effective practices in early childhood education and care. STARNET heard about our program and wanted to record our children in action for their next training video, "Bodies Jumping; Brains Pumping! Movement for the Whole Child."  They also interviewed our teachers and parents on camera.


October 2012

  • girls in snowWe hosted our annual open house. Families were invited to tour classrooms, enjoy a meal, play, socialize and enjoy dessert on the Bee Hive (our Nature Explore Classroom). 
  • Once again the Children's Campus hosted the Bumble Rumble in conjunction with the Killer Bee. 129 children ran in three heats. Dancing and singing to warm up, a medal for completing the race, and carnival games sponsored by the Children' Campus Parent's Council made for an outstanding Homecoming celebration. 
  • The Children's Campus obtained its fourth certification as a Nature Explore Classroom. Nature Explore Classrooms are dynamic, nature-based play and learning spaces. Nature Explore Design Consultations apply research-based, field-tested design principles to create these nature-rich outdoor spaces that can be located anywhere a school, child care center, park, or other community site might have a traditional playground. Nature Explore Classrooms enhance the physical environment and add natural beauty to the surrounding area.


November 2012

  • This month we co-hosted with the Student Alumni Association one of three trivia nights. Childcare is available (with donation) for children of all ages at the Children's Campus. Half of the proceeds benefit the Children's Campus and are used to support our operating budget.
  • We collected  250 coats and 72 miscellaneous items for our children and families in need. Children decorated donation boxes and placed them at various drop off locations: the Center for Communication and Social Development; Center for Health Sciences Education: Rogalski Center; Kreiter Hall; Olympic Gyros; EmbroideMe; WQAD; One Main Financial; AM Guitar Works; and of course here at the Children's Campus.
  • Children's Campus teachers, Angie Herrington and Lynn Lubben joined Early Childhood Education faculty member, Sallee Beneke, in a presentation at the National Association for the Education of Young Children conference in Atlanta, Georgia. The trio presented on their study of the continuum of development of the Project Approach and inquiry from age one through five. The topic attracted a large audience and was very well received.
  • On November 28, 48 preschoolers and 18 adults (teachers, parents, SAU students) attended Alice in Wonderland at the Galvin Fine Arts Center. The Children's Campus Parent Council paid for the bus to ride to campus and for the tickets. It has become a tradition we all look forward to each year.


December 2012

The Children's Campus received a $5,000 grant from Scott County Kids in conjunction with First Children's Finance. The grant will be used to host an art show, celebrate the month of the young child, and complete a letter gift giving campaign.


What people are saying about the Children's Campus

"What a cool environment! I can't stop thinking that. This center has truly been created and developed to foster learning through discovery. I was unsure what to expect in regards to the age range, but it didn't matter-everyone can learn from each other. I was m most impressed while listening about students' exploration on bees last summer-incredible. The idea that these little guys and gals discovered something that was interesting and relevant to them must have been extremely meaningful to them. It gives me hope that we can continue student's curiosity by giving them choices, time and support by allowing them to ask questions.

You should all be proud of the work you are doing with these young minds. As a high school teacher, I am inspired to model my classroom in this way and allow kids to be self-directed learners."

–Jen C (SAU graduate student)

"It was so great to see where you work and the amazing things going on at the Children's Campus. It amazed all of us to see how much learning was going on every second. The outside learning area was very interesting and I enjoyed seeing the children explore. I really liked learning about the students picking out what will be planted. When I was younger I learned about plant life from a book. I'm sure that the students are getting much more out of learning by doing. The work being done at your school is very impressive! Any child would be lucky to attend this school and have both of you as teachers!"

–Angela (SAU graduate student)

"I am enjoying student teaching so much. I am very happy and comfortable at my first placement. I am so confident in my teaching style because of the excellent knowledge base and philosophy in teaching I have acquired from all of the experiences I have had while being at SAUCC. That being said, I feel that I owe much of my thanks to you and the staff at the Children's Campus and even the SAU Education program in general. I feel so honored to have been able to have all these opportunities in my college career. 

–Mandy Streu, SAU Senior