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Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)

A Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) is for individuals with a bachelor's or master's degree and are seeking teacher licensure.

For example, a student already holds a degree in business and wants to teach high school business classes. That student would be exempt from general education requirements due to the degree already earned. He or she would need to complete the business and education courses required for a teaching license. Because the student already holds a business degree, in most cases few courses in the major would be required. Typically, a B.Ed. student is free to focus on education course work.

Admission Requirements for the Bachelor of Education Program

  1. All credit earned to date, whether from St. Ambrose or another institution, must meet the minimum GPA requirement. Candidates who do not have the statistical possibility to meet our required GPAs can appeal this policy at any time. The appeal committee will take into account the "complete academic picture" of the candidate when considering such an appeal. 
  2. To receive a Bachelor of Education a student needs to complete 30 of the last 45 semester credits through St. Ambrose University.
  3. All other degree requirements are identical to those described under the Teacher Education Program.
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