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Early Childhood Education

St. Ambrose University offers a major in Early Childhood Education (ECE), which fulfills Endorsement 100 from the state of Iowa. This endorsement allows individuals to be licensed to teach children between the ages of 0 and 8 (birth through third grade) in a variety of settings such as preschools and primary elementary classes. ECE teachers are equipped to address the needs of all children–including those with disabilities and developmental delays–in one unified setting.

St. Ambrose University has its own early childhood learning facility, the Children's Campus, located on the corner of Marquette Street and West Lombard Avenue. The center enrolls children 6 weeks old to 5 years old and is licensed by the State of Iowa.

Degree Requirements

Majoring in Early Childhood Education is equivalent to an Iowa early childhood endorsement. To acquire an Iowa early childhood endorsement – licensed to teach children birth to 3rd grade with and without disabilities – an applicant needs the following:

EDUC 205 Intro to Teaching, 2 credits or 207 Orientation to Teaching, 1 credit
†EDUC 284 Child and Adolescent Development
EDUC 300 Diversity and Culturally-Responsive Teaching
WI-EDUC 301 History and Philosophy of Education 
EDUC 308 Educational Technology, 2 credits
EDUC 309 Educational Psychology
EDUC 312 Curriculum Development for Young Children (ages 5-8)
EDUC 371 Language Arts and Reading in the Elementary Schools (grades 4-8)
EDUC 452 Diagnostic and Prescriptive Techniques of Teaching Reading, 4 credits
one course in U.S. history or government;
6-7 semester credits in science (biology and natural science).

Two of the following:
EDUC 440, 441, 442;
PSYC 105;
SPED 310, 313, 314;
ECSE 204, 311, 410, 420;
COMM 325;
ECE 303, 306, 350, 365, 380;
KIN 210;

† applies toward General Education requirements

Pre-Student Teaching

A minimum of 200 clock hours of pre-student teaching experiences in a school or agency setting at three different age levels (0-3 or 3-6 years or grades K-3) are required before student teaching.

Early Childhood Education majors also must present evidence of current certification in infant, child, and adult CPR and first aid before the student teaching semester.

Specific course information, State of Iowa competencies, and class listings can be found in the Course Catalog.

For More Information

Dr. Sallee Beneke, 563/333-6107

Dr. Brenda Boleyn, 563/333-6103
Debra Brownson, Children's Campus Director, 563/324-2312

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