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Elementary Education

St. Ambrose students who graduate from the elementary education degree program can teach in a self-contained classroom for kindergarten through sixth grade.

In addition, each elementary major also completes additional courses which add an endorsement to the elementary license. This endorsement allows a student to teach in a departmentalized setting, e.g., as a 5th grade science teacher. The student may also teach at the seventh and eighth grade level in that endorsement area only.

Degree Requirements

+ = Applicable toward general education degree requirements

To acquire an Iowa elementary endorsement, candidates must complete an elementary education major.

Choose an endorsement: An approved area of concentration leading to an endorsement in one of the following areas: math, science, social studies, history, English/language arts, reading, French, German, Spanish, or special education.

Pre-Student Teaching
A minimum of 109 clock hours of pre-student teaching experiences in a school setting at two different grade levels are required before student teaching.

Required Courses:
EDUC 205 Intro to Teaching, 2 credits or 207 Orientation to Teaching, 1 credit
EDUC 282
+EDUC 284 Child and Adolescent Development
EDUC 300 Diversity and Culturally-Responsive Teaching
WI-EDUC 301 History and Philosophy of Education 
EDUC 282 Educational Technology, 2 credits
EDUC 309 Educational Psychology
EDUC 329 Methods of Teaching Social Studies
EDUC 352 Teaching the Biological and Earth/Space Sciences (K-8): Content and Methods, 2 credits
EDUC 353 Teaching the Physical Sciences (K-8): Content and Methods, 2 credits
EDUC 354 Methods of Teaching Math (K-8), 4 credits
EDUC 369 Child and Adolescent Literature, 2 credits
EDUC 371 Language Arts and Reading in the Elementary Schools (K-3)
EDUC 372 Language Arts and Reading in the Elementary Schools (4-8)
EDUC 409 Observation and Student Teaching: Elementary Grades, 7-15 credits
EDUC 452 Diagnostic and Prescriptive Techniques of Teaching Reading, 4 credits
SPED 310 Inclusion Strategies for Students with Special Needs
+MATH 210 Theory of Arithmetic 
MATH 211 Mathematic Concepts for Teachers
+GEOG 201 Physical Geography
ART 340 Elementary Art Methods
Biology, 3-4 credits 
One course each in U.S. history and U.S. Government
KIN 302 Health and Physical Education Concepts and Methods for Elementary School Teachers
MUS 244 Music for the Elementary Classroom

Specific course information and class listings can be found in the Course Catalog.

For More Information

Dr. Rachel Serianz, 563-333-6114
Dr. Deanna Stoube, 563-333-6079
Dr. Tanya Volkova, 563-333-6187
Dr. Barbara Wiese, Special Education, 563-333-6174