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Student Experience

Welcome to a world of discovery and joy in teaching! Molding young minds and seeing the "lightbulb" turn on for your students is a rewarding experience.

Part of your teaching degree requires hours spent in the classroom as a Student Teacher and also conducting observation (practicum) in a variety of classroom settings.

Preparation for Your Future Classroom

Current teachers and graduates of the St. Ambrose program say it prepares them like no other.

"I have been teaching in East Moline for 10 years and continue to use guided reading daily in my classroom. I have had several student teachers and none of them know about guided reading or how to differentiate reading levels."

–Jiil Ryan '04

"So proud to say that I went through these classes. They have really helped me SO much in my career! I remember complaining when I had to learn to do running records because I thought I'd never use I do them all day!"

–Krystle Gascoigne '09