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Field Observation

Field Experience (EDUC 205) begins early in the education major's career at St. Ambrose University. The course provides orientation to the performance-based approach used in teacher education at St. Ambrose. The course is intended for students with no prior PK - 12 observational experience who are considering a career in education. Majors are required to complete 50 hours of field observations the semester they enroll in the course.

Majors in the course are placed in a variety of teaching areas (early childhood, elementary, secondary, and K-12). Suggested activities include observation; working with small and large groups of students; working one-on-one with students; supervising students; completing daily administrative tasks for teachers such as grading and lesson preparation; interviewing school personnel; and participating in extra-curricular activities.

Requirements for admission into the Teacher Education Program are met through this course. This includes taking the Praxis I exam, completing required observation hours, fulfilling course requirements, and obtaining appropriate forms of recommendation.

Note: Student with previous work in PK-12 school settings or who transfer in a similar course with at least 50 hours of practicum experience should enroll in Orientation to Teaching (EDUC 207). The prerequisites for both beginning courses are a minimum of 15 college credit hours completed before enrolling.