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Reading Clinic

Real-world Experience

When you decide to major in Teacher Education at St. Ambrose, you get unmatched real-world experience at both the Children's Campus (for early childhood majors) and the Reading Clinic (for early childhood and elementary majors).

Between 50 and 60 undergraduate students in the Teacher Education program run the Reading Clinic during the academic year. They help students at Adams Elementary in Davenport increase their reading skills to get up to grade level. Our students are responsible for lesson plans, testing, and evaluation.

In the Summer, a shortened clinic is offered to K-8 students in the Quad Cities area.

At other Teacher Education programs, this type of experience would be reserved for master's students. But at St. Ambrose, we believe you need these skills BEFORE graduate school.

Note: If the student's school year extends beyond May 30, the first week of classes will be adjusted to enable participation in the clinic.

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