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Student Teaching

Student teaching children

Student teaching is usually in the last semester before graduation and the placement is all day, every day, for one semester.

Guidelines for Admission to Student Teaching

The applicant must meet the following requirements for admission to student teaching and graduation:

  1. Admission to the Teacher Education Program. Completion of a proposed sequence of courses leading to licensure.
  2. Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.70 with 3.00 GPAs in education and major/endorsement courses. All grades must be C or above in education and major/endorsement courses. D or F grades are unacceptable.
Note: A student who does not meet any of the above requirements may file an appeal. All appeals must be submitted in writing to the Teacher Education Appeals Committee through the Assessment Coordinator of the Teacher Education Program, one semester before the start of the student teaching semester.

IMPORTANT Points for Students and Advisors

  1. All students who wish to student teach in grades PreK–12 during the next school year must apply one academic year prior to student teaching.
  2. Student teachers are assigned by the Education Department to public or private agencies or schools located within a maximum 30 mile radius of the Quad Cities area.
  3. The length of assignment is all day, every day, for one entire semester. 12–15 semester credits are earned.
  4. Applicants seeking licensure in art or music are assigned to elementary and secondary schools. Early childhood education applicants teach at two of the following age levels: 0 - 3 years, 3 - 6 years, or Kindergarten - 3rd grade.
  5. During the student teaching semester, several informative seminars are scheduled which address the various processes associated with obtaining a teaching license. The student teaching semester is a full-time professional obligation and additional course work or employment is discouraged.

Dr. Catherine Daters (563-333-6117) will be glad to answer questions regarding Student Teaching applications.