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Committed Faculty

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St. Ambrose Teacher Education professors are teachers at their very core. They believe in a personal and greater mission of distributing knowledge. 

Read what a few have to say about why they wanted to be teachers.

Dick Hanzelka


"I became a teacher because I have always wanted to be in a position where I could help others in some way. 

A couple of high school teachers – one in history and one in music – showed me how teaching could impact students in very positive ways, especially if learning was focused on asking questions about things around you.

Teaching for them was not just a matter of delivering information but of ensuring that students' experiences, questions, and ideas were at the center of teaching. I decided that's what I wanted to do as a teacher who helped people."

Rachel Serianz

rachel with studentsI wanted to nurture, protect, and enhance the sense of wonder that children possess naturally.

In graduate school, I became fascinated and also disturbed by the fact that science – my greatest joy in teaching – was an area of extreme anxiety for many of fellow teachers. My in-service work with my science-anxious peers eventually led to my becoming a methods teacher at St. Ambrose University.

Rachel is shown on the right conducting experiments with a Teacher Education student and an elementary student.