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Finance, Economics & Decision Science




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The program has a requirement of 54 credit hours in the sequence below:

Fall | Semester One

FNCE 301 Financial Valuation in the Corporation
FNCE 302 Investments: Security Analysis in a Global Environment
MFIN 601 Business Communications and Ethics (orientation course)
MFIN 602 Accounting Standards: GAAP versus IFRS
ECON 331 International Economics

Spring | Semester One

MFIN 603 Quantitative Methods for Finance
FNCE 401 Financial Policies and Decision Making
FNCE 402 Investments, Bond, Fund, and Risk Management
FNCE 491 Topics in Corporate Finance
FNCE 492 Topics in Valuation

Summer | Semester One

MFIN 604 Advanced Investment Tools I
MFIN 605 Advanced Valuation Tools I

Fall | Semester Two

MFIN 606 Advanced Investment Tools II
MFIN 607 Advanced Valuation II
MFIN 608 Fixed Income and Alternative Investments

Spring | Semester Two

MFIN 609 Advanced Fund Management
FNCE 403/MFIN 610 Management of Financial Institutions
ECON 447/MFIN 611 Econometrics