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Sandy McKinley


Associate Professor

518 W. Locust St.
Davenport, Iowa


Dr. McKinley teaches Modern European and Latin American history. His research is in the history of ideas, with a special focus on the political theory of revolutionary movements.  

He has published a book of the relationship between fin-de-siecle anarchists and the French Revolution.  

Dr. McKinley is presently researching the relationship between Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, and Georges Sorel.

Education and Training

PhD, Brandeis University
MA, Brandeis University
BA, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Courses Taught

Capstone Research Experience
Historical Methods
Senior Seminar on European Revolutions
The French Revolution in History and Literature
Romanticism in History and Literature
Life, Liberty, and Leviathan:  The Theory and Politics of Natural Rights
Books and Barricades:  European Revolutionary Political Theory
The Spanish Republic, Civil War, and Franco
HIST-315A OVS "Modern France" (Study Abroad)
Europe from 1649-1815
Europe from 1815-1914
Twentieth Century World
Modern European History
Colonial Latin America
Modern Latin America
Modern Latin America (Study Abroad)
World Civilization Since 1300
History Matters:  The French Revolution
History Matters:  Role-Playing Europe History

Recent or Noteworthy Publications

Illegitimate Children of the Enlightenment: Anarchists and the French Revolution, 1880-1914, Peter Lang, 2007.
"Anarchists and the Music of the French Revolution," Journal for the Study of Radicalism, Summer 2007.

Dr. McKinley's CV (pdf)