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Professor and Director of Art History Program

518 W. Locust St.
Davenport, IA  52803


Education and Training

PhD, Indiana University
Art History

MA, Indiana University
Arts Administration

MA, Indiana University
Art History

BA, Butler University
Economics, International Studies, French
Minor, Russian

Courses Taught

AH 120 Topics in Art History (3 credits)
AH 205 Art Historical Methods
AH 250 Art through the Ages I [Stone Age through Gothic periods] (3 credits)
AH 251 Art through the Ages II [Renaissance through Contemporary periods] (3 credits)
AH 319 Independent Study in Art History (1-4 credits)
AH 320 Advanced Topics in Art History: The Language of Comics: Image and Meaning (3 credits)
AH 320 Advanced Topics in Art History: Mythic Image (3 credits)
AH 347 19th Century Art (3 credits)
AH 350-WI American Art (3 credits)
AH 351-WI Modern Art (3 credits)
AH 352 Non-Western Art (3 credits)
AH 353 Russian Art (3 credits)
AH 354 Contemporary Art (3 credits)
AH 355 History of Graphic Design (3 credits)
AH 451-WI Capstone Research Experience (3 credits)
AH 490 Internship in Art History (1-4 credits)