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Our students are offered  educational opportunities by participating in National History Day, joining the Phi Alpha Theta (International Honor Society for History) or attending the Richard E. Geiger lecture or activities.

Richard E. Geiger Lecture -- St. Ambrose established an endowed history lectureship to honor Professor Emeritus Richard E. Geiger, who retired in May, 2001. History lectures, activities and study abroad programs are funded with the endowement established through gifts from former students, family, friends, faculty and staff.

Phi Alpha Theta -- The Alpha Zeta Omega chapter of Phi Alpha Theta was founded in 1994. Students with a 3.1 GPA and 12 credits of history may be eligible to join. Phi Alpha Theta sponsors guest speakers, sends representatives to regional and national conferences, provides students an opportunity to present research to their peers at student paper conferences, and introduces students to professional opportunities in history. The St. Ambrose chapter of Phi Alpha Theta also performs an annual service project in conjunction with the State History Day in Iowa competition. 

History Day -- Participation in National History Day will give participants the skills needed by all individuals for a successful future. This program teaches critical and creative thinking, research and analysis, verbal and written communication skills, time management and sefl-initiative, commitment to a long-term project, problem-solving, self esteem, and many more skills which help make this program an unique academic enrichment opportunity.