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Why History at St. Ambrose?

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Here are 10 reasons:

1. History helps understand an increasing complex and global world.

2. History provides you with analytic tools to solve problems in many fields.

3. Historians have the privilege of studying the artifacts of human civilization.  

4. History should be studied because it is essential for individuals and society to investigate the wondrous facts behind human achievement and tragedy.  

5. History recalls unique individuals and investigates patterns among peoples over time.

6. History helps us comprehend change and how the society we live in became to be.

7. History contributes to moral understanding by inquiring into the morality of past behavior.

8. History provides identity.

9. Studying history is essential for responsible citizenship

10. History majors learn how to locate and assess evidence, evaluate contrasting interpretations, and to interpret past examples of change.


Career Opportunities

History is useful in the working world: one becomes a careful investigator and reporter of the facts. Its study helps create good businesspeople, teachers, professionals, and political leaders.

Professional historians teach at various levels, work in museums and media centers, do historical research for businesses or public agencies, or participate in the growing number of historical consultancies. These categories are important for the basic enterprise of history, but most people who study history use their training for broader professional purposes.

Students of history find their investigative research and writing skills directly relevant to jobs in a variety of careers as well as in preparation for fields like law, journalism, information science and public administration.